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Shoes Using E-ink Technology and Poisoning iPhone – WOT 261

We are looking at the growing movement of authors and storytellers deciding to write their original works for the sole purpose of being heard rather than being read. Straight to audiobook…that’s a new approach. We touch on a few other topics such as a 12-year old poisoning her mother for taking away her iPhone and the NFL’s move to end blackouts for the upcoming season. In a show first, we talk fashion and shoes that are using e-ink technology to change shoe patterns and designs on the go.


Achieving Milestones and Show 100 Celebration – BL 100

Have you set your goals for the year? When you accomplish that goal do you automatically make another one? We try to be the best we can trying to better ourselves from support of our family, friends, and coworkers. We can achieve anything ladies! Make sure when you set your goals they are reachable so you can accomplish that specific milestone. Laurin and Anaya discuss what they have managed to accomplish while working and raising a family. Debbie talks about her fitness plan and what milestone she has accomplished.