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Latest Episodes

Welfare and Government Assistance – FP 96

Government funded public assistance goes back just about as far as civilization. In America, it began to take root during the Great Depression. The AFDC, originally the Aid to Dependent Children, was formed to help relieve impoverished families with children and widowed mothers so that they could maintain their households during some of the United States’ most difficult times. Fast-forward to today, and there are politicians stoking the fires of American greed and entitlement. On this episode of Flash Past, Dan and Lyle discuss some of these services and possible legislation intended to regulate how the aid money is spent.

New Media Expo and Podcast Awards 2015 – WOT 264

We breakdown our experience of New Media Expo (#NMX), the Podcast Awards, and the NAB Show. The event had many elements to rave about and other elements that need to be evaluated. In tech news, we discuss the partnership of Yahoo and Microsoft as they try to take some of Google’s power. In big news, Norway has decided to switch off their national FM Radio and we give the details.

Microsoft Celebrating 40 Years Of Business – WOT 263

On Episode 263 of The Waves of Tech, it’s all about celebrating birthdays on the show! A very happy birthday to Microsoft who celebrating 40 years of business. What started in the garage of a home in New Mexico developing into a technological giant and dominator in the home personal computing industry. Also, Apple celebrating the 5-year mark of the iPad. The iPad revolutionized the table market. Finally, it’s all about how the tablet and mobile technology industry is shaping and transformation the safety industry.