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Latest Episodes

FCC Coming Down Hard On Hotels Over WiFi – WOT 251

On Episode 251 of The Waves of Tech, we come with a full set of tech topics and stories from the week. Here is a brief summary of the show. We examine the need for Apple Watch to be a big hit for Apple. The FCC is coming down hard on hotels that intentional block WiFi hotspots. Microsoft finally adds Outlook and other office products for iOS. Google Earth is no longer subscription based. And finally, Amazon Echo adds some new features. Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.


Potlucks and Party Foods – BL 96

So you’re invited to a party and you’re asked to bring something.  The panic sets in.  Your hands start to sweat.  Then, the questions come: how many people do I have to make food for?   Will they like what I bring?  Should I try something crazy, creative, and different? Why did I agree to bring something????  Debbie and Anaya discuss how they handle coming up with something to take to a potluck they have been asked to attend.  


2015 Podcast Awards

Since 2007 NetCast Studio has produced content in numerous areas. As a listener, one of the greatest accolades you can give a podcaster is a nomination for the Podcast Awards. We have made it simple by creating this page explaining the “How To”. We would love to have your nomination and thank you for being a part of the NetCast Studio family.